The word “building” is key. With each of our managed cloud solutions, there are levels of customization that help make the solution your own. You will truly be building a cloud solution that is unique to and perfect for your business and its requirements. These customizations range from the overall package, to your management preferences, to add-ons, and more. So let’s take a closer look. What does it take to build a perfect cloud solution?

Assess Needs

It may sound obvious, but as an organization you need to assess your needs before moving forward with a cloud solution. Are you looking to refresh hardware? Do you want to upgrade your software? Do you need a strong data backup plan? Do you need a new email solution? Do you want to implement BYOD? All of these questions matter and help you determine exactly which direction to head with the cloud. Our cloud products can revitalize an organization by addressing its specific needs and implementing up-to-date technology. This simply requires an understanding of the goals and requirements of an organization as it moves into the cloud.

Cloud Roadmap

Once you’ve completed a self assessment, you’re prepared to work with our  team and design a cloud roadmap. Together, we’ll determine which of our core products is best for you: CloudServer (IaaS), CloudDesktop (DaaS), CloudRecovery (DRaaS), CloudMail (Hosted Exchange) or CloudOffice (All-In-One)? Each of our cloud products have customization options, so your final solution will really be focused on your organization. RapidScale also works with businesses of all sizes, across all industries, which means you can gain some perspective and insight into how the cloud is working for other organizations.

Your cloud roadmap provides an actionable cloud strategy for your business, ensuring that you understand what cloud adoption means for your business. This allows you to accurately plan for business transformation and truly leverage the cloud’s full potential. During this process, you’ll most likely encounter some of the following questions:

  • What can the cloud do for your organization? How will it change what you are doing today?
  • What applications are a good fit for the cloud?
  • How will the cloud impact your current infrastructure and app architectures?
  • What is different about operating in the cloud?
  • What needs to be included in the cloud roadmap?
  • How much should you budget?

Implementation Decision

With cloud solutions, you have options when it comes to the implementation process. What you decide on totally depends on your current configuration and team. You can manage your own implementation with free setup and provisioning from us. But if you’re moving to the cloud to quit worrying about your computing, you can also opt for our-managed implementation, leaving it up to us!

Management Decision

And you have that same choice when moving into overall management. Do you want to manage your own environment, or do you want to go with a managed plan? We specialize in managed cloud solutions for business and offers features exclusive to our managed clients. This option is best for organizations that want their computing issues addressed without taking on extra work. It provides management, guidance and support whenever it’s needed. The client-managed option, on the other hand, gives you the service you need while maintaining your full control of the environment. These customers probably have solid IT teams in place and don’t require assistance.

As you can see, building the perfect cloud solution really depends on your business. We provide the team and tools necessary to build the right cloud for you.