December 23, 2013

WorkSpace as a Service Solutions

Give your business a competitive edge: Remove your IT burden with Cloud WorkSpace

Workforce mobility is quickly driving employee productivity to the cloud. Everyone needs access to data, files and apps from any device that is readily available.

Transform the way employees work—empower them to be more mobile and highly productive by giving them the power of a desktop with the accessibility of the cloud.

Hosted Virtual Desktops (HVDs) improve productivity and security by hosting your apps and data in the cloud, giving you anytime, anywhere access to them; simply login from any PC, tablet, or smartphone. Your apps and data will be secured and managed by professionals, allowing you to focus on your business.

img-home2aIT Simplified

Reduces daily management responsibilities. Frees up your IT resources for more strategic tasks.

Work Anywhere

Allows access to the desktop, applications and data from any device.


Supports Bring Your Own Device practice, giving employees more flexibility and boosting productivity.

Business Continuity

Supports your company disaster recovery measures by keeping your data secure and readily available.


Provides multiple levels of protection and backup through enterprise-level, SSAE 16/SOC-certified data centers.

Focus on What You Do Best.

Leave the rest to WaaS.

nWorkSpace represents that next step in cloud computing—beyond just the desktop. Our Workspace as a Service (WaaS) solution makes your IT hassle free IT, and gives you anywhere access to your desktop, with more control, and multiple levels of security. With your IT taken care of, you can get back to business!


No more servers

You no longer need to buy, maintain and host expensive servers on-site, saving you from all the hidden costs, such as extra power, cooling, square footage, a team to manage them, and more.


Rent, don’t buy

Software maintenance can cost up to 4 times your initial investment. Why buy apps when you can rent them for less than what you pay just to maintain them?


Cut operating costs

Since everything your employees need to do their job can be accessed securely anytime and from anywhere, you can save money by allowing your staff to work virtually.


Reduce CapEx

You don’t have to shell out a lot upfront to get the level of IT sophistication you want.  Stop buying failure-prone small business servers and start renting enterprise-class IT services for a predictable monthly fee.


Scale on demand

Easily scale up and down as needed—and pay only for the IT services you use, making you more cost-efficient. Helps growing companies and those with seasonal workers.


Lower total costs

Reduce the total cost of IT operations by significantly lowering or eliminating end-user device support. With work space as a service, users will no longer be able to install rogue applications or change corporate security settings.


Make devices last longer

Gain increased lifecycle utilization out of end-user devices and have the option to purchase thin or low-cost clients as opposed to more expensive laptops or desktops.


Don’t burden your business

We do the stuff that bogs you down. Stop installing apps on local servers and every employee’s PC—let us take care of the patching and performance of the apps for you.


Easy app management

By storing them in The Cloud, you simplify the access, maintenance and licensing of your applications.


Stop juggling devices

Hit the entire spectrum of staff devices with 1 installation. There’s no add-ins or plug-ins—the app stays the same in The Cloud, making mobilization a snap.


Not just Microsoft apps

Unlike most virtual desktops, ours can host ALL the apps you need to run your business.  We support virtually all Windows-based apps and can even host self-developed apps.


Internet Explorer

Want to be able to surf the web from within your desktop without having to jump back to your device’s stock internet browser? Use the browser of your choice all on your desktop. It’s so easy to customize the way you use your tablet or smartphone. Surfing on a really cool page on your tablet that you want to check out on your laptop? Just bookmark the page and when you log in on your laptop, it’ll be right there. Convenience has never been this convenient before.


Your Files

Whatever you have saved on your desktop is always on your desktop, no matter what device you’re accessing it on. Save a presentation on your laptop and edit it while sitting at the coffee shop on your tablet. Create a new report on your smartphone and complete it on your desktop computer in the office. Never worry about forgetting something, because everything you need is right where you are.


Work on anything

Edit that spreadsheet that you need to complete, work on a presentation, access any file that you normally would on your desktop, all from anywhere. CloudWorkSpace is the ultimate tool for maximum productivity. Imagine being in the field and getting your dream deal. Just go into your CloudWorkSpace, edit the contract to personalize your client and have them sign on the spot. We bet it’ll make your life so much easier.

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