December 23, 2013

Network Security

Network Security Services


Why Security is Important

Modern enterprises are more connected than ever. The Internet has empowered organizations to take advantage of new opportunities, take on a multinational presence, and maximize revenue. At the same time, a more connected enterprise means more corporate risk. Your infrastructure and data face endless threats, which are your responsibility to mitigate. In addition, you have a responsibility to keep consumer data safe—or face the significant financial and reputational consequences.

Most enterprises take network and data security seriously. For those that do not, industries and government bodies have implemented strict regulations to make protecting data an obligation, not a choice. Security is an incredibly important consideration for any organization, but can be complex and time-consuming to manage.

We can help you improve your security, meet compliance standards, and keep your data and infrastructure protected at all times.

Managed Firewall

When it comes to protecting your network at the perimeter, professional configuration is the secret to success. With our fully managed firewall services, you can be certain that your network is defended by a properly configured firewall.

Managed firewall services include the implementation of firewall rules, routine updates to rules as common threats change, and auditing to maintain the highest standards of security.

Managed firewall services start at just $49.95/mo for 10 mbit/sec of protection on our high availability shared firewall, but we can also provide shared firewall protection at 100 Mbit/sec for $99.95/mo. Managed dedicated firewalls are available for $125/mo (Cisco ASA 5505) or $350/mo (Cisco ASA 5510). Custom and other high availability configurations are also available.

Intrusion Detection System (IDS)

Although a firewall can be used to block access around your network, attackers can still exploit vulnerabilities in software. Malicious traffic that traverses your network through permitted applications can go undetected until it is too late.

An intrusion detection system (IDS) can help to spot this traffic, but making sense of the results means trawling through thousands of lines of alerts every day.

Working with our managed shared firewall plans, managed IDS services (starting at $100 a month) alert you in the event of a potential intrusion on your network, allowing you to take immediate action.


Vulnerability Scanning

Attackers have an unparalleled ability to uncover vulnerabilities in your network and applications. If you are to keep your infrastructure and data safe, you need to be aware of vulnerabilities even faster.

Our vulnerability scanning services are designed to spot vulnerabilities and let you know about them before they are exploited. In addition, with weekly scanning, you can discover vulnerabilities sooner than 30-day scan alternatives.

Vulnerability scanning is a required aspect of PCI DSS compliance and highly recommended to all enterprises. This scanning is included free with all of our fully managed dedicated servers.

Email Security

Email has changed the way the world does business – in most ways, for the better. But email is also a point of exposure, both to email viruses and incoming spam that could potentially cripple your network.

The reality is that, with end-users in control of email, you need to be certain that viruses and spam will never reach your inbox.

Our managed email security solution offers 99.9% spam blocking with less than one false positive in a million emails, on a fully redundant system that is always online. These services start at only $5/mo per domain and are free with all of our fully managed dedicated servers.

Managed VPN

In the past few years, more businesses find themselves with a distributed workforce. Remote working makes your enterprise more agile, but it can be difficult to balance flexibility with security. A virtual private network (VPN) gives you the opportunity to encrypt data as it moves between your network and remote users.

Our managed VPN services are built on top of our managed firewall services and can use SSL, IPsec, Site-to-Site, and two-factor authentication to verify user identities and encrypt data in transit. As a result, your data remains protected even as it connects with remote environments.

Security/Compliance Consulting

Some of you know the managed security services you are looking for. If so, you can select from any of our services to create an overall solution that works for you. But if you need more help, we want to hear from you.

We can consult on which services you need to meet the demands of compliance, including PCI DSS, HIPAA, SOX, FISMA, and GLBA. This will usually include a combination of our hosted services and changes to your infrastructure and internal policies as required.

Through both of these methods, you can pass compliance audits and meet the standards that your investors, stakeholders, and customers deserve.

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