December 23, 2013

Server Solutions

Virtual Servers

Hosted Virtual Servers simplify operations, enabling immediate turn-up and rapid implementation of business applications and IT solutions without any capital investment.

Dedicated Servers

Upgrade your existing servers to  top of the line Hosted Dedicated Servers, which are physically located in our secure data centers, but built to your specifications—and 100% of the server is allocated to your company.

Remove the burden of IT and focus on what you do best

You are looking for ways to minimize the cost and hassle associated with maintaining your information technology without compromising security. Hosting IT resources—like e-mail, data, applications and servers—in The Broadview Cloud eliminates the everyday hassles and threats while saving you money and improving accessibility

Hosted Virtual Servers offer your business secure, redundant and scalable server options backed by a Service Level Agreement. Hosted Virtual Servers simplify operations, enabling rapid turn-up and immediate implementation of business applications and IT solutions. Our Virtual Servers are cost-effective—they require no capital investment, can be scaled to meet the needs of your business, and help reduce IT costs.

Our Virtual Servers are professionally managed and supported, and allow you to access company data and applications via the Internet, ensuring business continuity and regulatory compliance.

Virtual Cloud Servers

But first, what is a Virtual Server?

A Virtual Server, or a Virtual Machine, is a portion of a physical server that we own, manage and host in our secure data centers. Since a Virtual Server only uses part of the physical server’s resources, it’s perfect for small businesses and projects or applications that don’t require the resources of a full server. All Virtual Servers are current 64-bit HP platforms or Cisco UCS compute nodes, and are available pre-configured with Microsoft® Windows Server 2008 R2/2012 or select Linux® operating systems.

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